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ECS Green

ECS is committed to offer environmentally sound, sustainable and innovative solutions that continually reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainability considerations has always been an integral part in the formulation of strategy and in decision making. The adoption of sustainable strategies and practices allows a more rational use of resources with a consequent reduction in waste and costs and Carbon neutrality.

The three ”P”: People, Planet and Profit

This is the ECS focus in its environmentally-friendly path. ​

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    ECS reduces its natural resource consumption by focusing on opportunities to minimize, reuse, and recycle goods used in its operations, and to use recycled products and those from sustainable sources where possible and saves energy through energy requalification actions

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    ECS communicate its Environmental Policies, Objectives and Targets to employees and subcontractors, encouraging individual participation in improving environmental performance. The active participation of each member is relevant because a milestone is reached in small steps.

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    The adoption of sustainable strategies and practices allows a more rational use of resources with a consequent reduction in waste and costs. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of business activities and processes, and offers new investment opportunities. Opting for green business also means improving  health and safety conditions at workplace and this leads to employees wellness.”


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ENHANCE is the ECS product line that deals with the development and supply of chemical products for the production of oil & gas, using raw materials and solvents with low environmental impact.

ENHANCE team years of experience makes it possible to find chemical solution that suits a specific need in the best way, taking in consideration production optimization, flow assurance and asset integrity.
ECS Enhance production vary from OIW and reverse emulsion at separation stage, foam control for separation and gas sweetening units, to flow improvers like pressure drop in turbulent flow or high viscous crudes, and produced water clarification (injection/disposal).

Enhance can offer solutions for liquid loaded gas wells (depleted mature wells Deliquefication), oil wells
(hydrostatic column lightening), asphaltene and mineral scale (deposition removal and inhibition), hydrate inhibition and multipurpose inhibitors (combined chemistry).


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    Mobile lab - Onsite chemistry selection and performance monitoring
    Stimulation- temporary/permanent capillary


    Scavenging - O2, H2S, RSH scavengers for liquid and gas phases
    Corrosion Monitoring - Traditional and advanced evaluation methods

SAS Energy Consulting Services – società per azioni semplificata.

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