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Squeeze your brains out!

2020 has gone and our wish is to start the new year full of energy and belief, for a more productive and prosperous 2021.

The ECS, despite the historical period, has managed to maintain its standards during 2020 and now it wants to motivate its employees in order to grow and improve more and more.

Reason why ECS announced to all his employees and Consultants, the start of the first ECS Challenge!!!

Valid for the first quarter of 2021, the Challenge offers each employee the opportunity to propose a maximum of 3 ideas / projects, designed to develop, diversify or extend the company’s business. The proposed project must be innovative to give the company an elastic, modern and proactive image.

The field of relevance can be varied and not strictly linked to the oil sector.

For the valid idea that the company intends to develop, the author will receive a profitable and temping Prize / Bonus.

The hope is that this is the first of many more !! 

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